Internship supervision


  • 2016 May-June – Internship supervisor – LIMSI, CNRS, Audio Acoustic Group (L1)
    Extraction of vocal tract formants of singers from various styles
    Supervision of C. Bourdon

  • 2015 May-July – Internship supervisor – LAM-d’Alembert, UPMC (M1)
    Acoustic clues characterizing voice lament around the world
    Co-supervision of L. Moreau-Gaudry with B. Doval

  • 2012 April-August – Internship supervision (M1)
    Modélisation des perturbations d’une voyelle tenue chantée dans le cadre de la synthèse vocale.
    Co-supervision of G. Mahenc with C. d’Alessandro.

  • 2012 April – Internship supervisor Science Académie (high school)
    Analyse et synthèse de voyelles
    Supervision of I. Hamdoune et S. Tahor (3 days)